The subjects are just excuses for photography to shoot pictures.  Photography is an instinct. The “hunting” instinct that enabled humanity to survive since the emergence of the first human being, is the strongest instinct that showed itself in photography.  Therefore, photographic art is made up of the works, filled withthese instincts, where one examines his/her existence and his/her relation to enviroment.

The basic shock that the photography creates on us is that it presents us a experiencable depiction of an already experienced world.  At this very claim, for us everything which we depict or sense as “the truth” is just the “foot steps in the snow” which can only depict a certain impression. The rest is just upon the one who follows this path. The “truth” in photography and moreover the “truth” in life is the impression which is created by the depict of this experience. Therefor, photography is not only today’s but also “tomorrow’s” form of art.